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The Accreditation Commission (hereinafter referred to as "the Commission") was established by the government of the Slovak Republic in the year 1990 as its advisory body. Essential tasks of the Commission are to monitor and independently evaluate the quality of education, research, development, artistic and other creative activity of the universities. The Commission comprehensively reviews conditions under which these activities take place at individual universities. Based on independent evaluation, the Commission contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of the education provided at the universities and develops recommendations to improve the operation of the universities.

The Commission has 21 members, appointed by the Government of the Slovak Republic for a period of six years, but with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The head of the Commission is the chairman, who represents the Commission externally and at meetings with other bodies to the extent authorized by the Commission. In addition, the Chairman calls and chairs the meetings of the Commission, prepares the proposed meeting agenda, signs the memoranda and documents developed by the Commission and informs the public of the activity and findings of the Commission.

To prepare for its meetings, the Commission may establish working teams..

Operation of the Accreditation Commission

The Commission provides its opinion on:

  • The competence of the university to conduct each study program for which it is authorized to grant to its graduates an academic title,
  • The competence of an institution of a non-university nature to participate in the conduct of a graduate study program,
  • The competence of the university to perform habilitation proceedings and the procedure for appointing professors,
  • Proposals for establishment, merger, fusion, separation, cancellation, change of name or seat of the university, state university or their faculties, according to the terms of Article 47b Section 2 letter a) of the University Act and also in the case of a private university or its faculties,
  • Proposals for granting state approval for a legal entity to operate as private university,
  • Proposals for any change in a system of fields of study,
  • Any additional proposal related to university education that is submitted by the minister.

The Commission also performs comprehensive accreditation activities of universities every six years according to the previously published plan of comprehensive accreditations. (§84). Within this comprehensive accreditation the Commission also evaluates the level of research, development, artistic and other creative activities of the university and provides its opinion of the standards of the particular university compared with other universities or professional colleges according to the Article 2 Section 13. of the University Act.